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December 19, 2021


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Chris Coney (00:11):
Hi there, guys. And welcome to this week's edition of The Weiss Crypto Sunday Special with me, your host Chris Coney. So today, I wanted to discuss the macroeconomic topic of investing in crypto companies via IPOs. That would be traditional, initial, public offerings on the traditional stock markets. Because the truth is, many traditional investors want to invest in the growth of crypto, without all the hassle of having to figure out an entirely new set of investing tools. And ideally, you might want to buy assets, or get exposure to assets that participate in the growth of crypto, through your existing brokerage account, and so on.
Chris Coney (00:48):
So one of the most famous, I would say of these, is when Coinbase did their IPO. So Coinbase is a crypto exchange that people use to convert their fiat currency into any one of a number of cryptocurrencies or crypto assets that Coinbase happen to list on their platform. So it is a traditional exchange in that way. Now I use Coinbase as an example, because they were one of the biggest brands in the crypto industry, even prior to their IPO, and why there was a lot of hype around their IPO when it actually went live in 2021.
Chris Coney (01:30):
So I don't call the Coinbase IPO. I'd call that an infrastructure play. Because having an exchange, I call it an on-ramp. So an on-ramp or an off-ramp. A way of getting your government currency into crypto via an on-ramp, and then off ramp to get it out of the crypto economy, and then back into your government currency when you wish to do that. And that's the current main business model and revenue model for Coinbase. So that's why I call it infrastructure. You need that, and you need it in every country that has a different currency. Once you get into Bitcoin and Ethereum, then of course decentralized finance is the same. But to get your national currency into Bitcoin or Ethereum, that differs based on jurisdiction, and the national currency and banking system of your locale.
Chris Coney (02:21):
The other thing to know about Coinbase, is that its profitability isn't based on the performance of the market. So it doesn't really matter whether Bitcoin or Ethereum is going up or down in price, because Coinbase's revenue is based on a percentage of the volume that goes through their platform. So I happen to use… There's Coinbase and then there's Coinbase Pro. So regular Coinbase is like… The retail customer's interface is kind of built like PayPal in terms of the interface. Very simple to use, very user-friendly, dead simple. And then Coinbase Pro, it's essentially the same platform, except with some more advanced charting and investing tools.
Chris Coney (03:04):
So Coinbase do get a bit of heat for their fees. So I use Coinbase Pro. And then when I buy some Bitcoin every week, the fee from Coinbase is 0.5%. Which might not sound like a lot, but Coinbase do get criticized for having some of the highest fees in the business in that regard. But when IPO… because their revenues, you can look them up, were pretty impressive to say the least. So Coinbase have grown largely so far by capturing retail volume. So the average investor, just using it as a self-service platform, to buy whatever crypto asset that they wish. And they have took a lot of… They haven't copied the PayPal interface exactly, but I call it PayPal-like because of its ease of use.
Chris Coney (03:57):
Now the truth is, if you were going to consider investing in the Coinbase shares, which are now trading, the ticket symbol is COIN. Just the word coin. That's its ticket symbol. Now longer term, Coinbase cannot rely purely on taking a fee, a commission on trading volume, right? Because that will just become commoditized. And due to competition, there'll be a race to the bottom in terms of fees. And eventually you'll get exchanges promoting themselves on the basis that they are zero fee. Some of them have already tried that. There was one called Cobinhood a couple of years ago that actually folded in the end, they were coming to the market with that kind of a slogan, 0% trading fees, et cetera.
Chris Coney (04:46):
So Coinbase are expanding their other offerings like institutional level custody, and [inaudible 00:04:53] market and they're expanding their portfolio. And who knows where else they'll take the platform in the future. In terms of the performance of the Coinbase stock itself, the first piece of price data I could find on my trading view account, was $240 a share. And this was first traded on the 21st of December, 2020. That was actually prior to the public IPO. I believe it went live publicly in April of 2021. And when I looked up, how on earth there's some trading data from December 2020, it's because there was a speculative derivative traded on the crypto exchange FTX. The Cryptoverse features reading the news from various sources. Each episode lasts approximately 15 minutes and includes my moral, ethical and philosophical interpretation of current events. If you’d like to be kept up to date on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains by someone who believes in the free market, equality of opportunity and the value of education then subscribe to The Cryptoverse today. Video Source

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One of the most popular Hardware Cryptocurrency wallets is that of

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