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July 4, 2024


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✅ SIGN UP FOR TELEGRAM NOTIFICATIONS: 00:00 Intro – Portfolio is rekt
00:13 BTC weekly chart – Fake out or not?
00:37 Market wants to poop the bed
00:57 Remember the bigger picture – halving requires more months for higher highs
01:29 Trump – BTC is a strategic reserve asset
02:36 Trump is not the same as before because of Vivek Ramaswamy
03:06 Robert F. Kennedy also pro Bitcoin
03:32 How big a part of the US election BTC will be?
03:54 Let's see how the week ends – Not time for early conclusions
04:13 Moralis Money market overview – Red overall
04:52 Crypto is rekt with friends
05:12 Welcome to the chat
05:31 This is crypto – ups downs, all of it
05:46 Shout out to ByBit
06:10 Tom Lee – Selective permabull, coming out when we are dumping
07:06 Tom Lee – video – 150K still in the picture
07:47 Tom Lee was right previous cycle
08:15 Amount of pain in monumental right now
08:29 Alex Becker – Zero interest in crypto right now
09:18 Just stay in the game and leave your wallet alone
09:33 Summary – BTC is breaking down. Let's not burry BTC yet
10:20 Crypto liquidations top 200M USD in ETH
10:51 We are in the first quarter of this bull market
11:08 End of bull market will be end of 2025
11:40 we have not really broken out at all – comparison to previous runs
12:26 Summer is normally a bit depressing for BTC
12:47 BTC loves Autumn
13:30 Damage assessment in alt coins – coingecko overview
15:00 Combination of AI coins – Normally it should be good in the long run.
15:50 Vice versa is bad – Hex for example. Also Darwinia
17:19 Combining coins – Marketcap will be less than the separate coins
17:54 Monero – Still on Kraken or will it be delisted? What will the future be?
18:54 Monero should build out a DEX – We need the crypto cypherpunks back!
19:26 Crypto is becoming FinTech-nized
20:04 DeFi on privacy base layer should be good
20:40 Monero chart – Use case fills a void. Recapturing the old glory
21:49 Subsquid news – Collab with Deutsche Bank
22:29 Piad network – news
22:39 MAD launch
23:10 Best practice of not FOMO-ing into coins works when the market pumps
23:36 Summary – We are mourning together
23:52 Q and A
24:38 Q1: Cyberpunk or Cypherpunk?
25:02 Q2: Turned 2K MATiC into 500K?
26:49 Q3: Tried the new fully mobile Radix wallet?
28:38 A rant about greed and fear – A trap of round numbers rekts people
29:48 Another trap – selling into coins that dump one after another
30:34 Q4: Runes, Ordinals and DMT will lead the next bull run?
31:16 Q5: Celestia, what happened?
32:10 A rant about VC coins and why they don't pump
35:18 Problem with PulseChain – how much got sacrificed?
37:07 Outro Twitter: This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This is all my own opinion. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. Please take this information and do your own research. bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, altcoin, altcoin daily, blockchain, decentralized, news, best investment, top altcoins, ethereum, tron, stellar, binance, cardano, litecoin, 2019, 2020, crash, bull run, bottom, crash, tether, bitfinex, rally, tone vays, ivan on tech, chico, video, youtube, macro, price, prediction, podcast, interview, trump, finance, stock, investment, halving, halvening, too late, when, fed, federal reserve, interest rates, rates, cut, economy, stock market, Good Morning Crypto Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist Video Source

Crypto Currency Resources & Recommended Products

The following lists are tools and resources that I put together to help anyone that is interested in crypto get a head start. It can be quite daunting when you first get into cryptocurrencies. There is some much information out there and some much uncertainty.

Disclaimer This new crypto movement is an economic revolution. While it may be an exciting time to get started with crypto currencies, this digital gold rush has a plethora of bad information out there. The recommended products below are based on my own experience with my own personal use of these products.

Disclaimer: I am not a finical advisory. I do earn a small commission if you choose to purchase any of the recommended products below. Please make sure that you do your research before you purchase any Cryptocurrencies related products or services.


Crypto Currency Wallet & Coin Exchange

Coinbase is one of the worlds leading cryptocurrency wallets. It also gives people the option to purchase and trade digital currencies like that of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Coinbase popularity stems from its ease of entry and exit from the cryptocurrency world. It's pretty quick to get set up and start investing in digital currencies. Get $10 FREE Bitcoin {BTC} when you spend $100 with our referral link.

Click Here To Watch A Tutorial Guide On How To Use Coinbase

Make Money Online

 Cash Network & Affiliate Training

Trust me here… If you’re like many Internet marketers, you can’t help drooling when you peruse the famous (and quite addictive) ClickBank marketplace.

From just the front page of the
marketplace ClickBank’s clients will earn close to One Hundred Million Dollars this year! As you click from page to page, your eyes get wider and wider... your heart starts pounding...

… and your jaw drops to the floor when you start to see the incredible popularity, the gravity, all those product pitch pages…

Check out the video to learn more...

What you’re about to see is not a joke... It’s not a lousy ploy. This is truly a dream come true... I am about to give you something so exciting and SO valuable you may not be able to keep it to yourself.

BUT, I need you to please keep this a secret until you see what I’m talking about.

I cannot risk something like this getting out to the public. At least not this early… Follow the link below to finally realize what it feels like to have control. Feel your dreams come to life! 

Don’t believe me? See for yourself.  If you don’t act quickly, I’ll have to pass this along to someone else who is willing to create a better life for themselves.

I have a feeling you’re going to love this :)


Cryptocurrency Exchange

Binance is one of the worlds fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Because of its trading volume and the number of altcoins it trades it will be one of the worlds biggest crypto exchanges in the world.

While Coinbase is still the easiest way to get into cryptocurrencies, Binance trades a lot more Altcoins compared to that of Coinbase. If you want to purchase Altcoins like Cardano ADA, Ripple XRP, Steller Lumens, TRON, Dash and Monero then Binance is your first port of call. 

In order to trade here, you must hold some cryptocurrencies first. So it's best to purchase some Ether or Litecoin from Coinbase and transfer it too Binance.

Click Here Watch A Tutorial Guide On How To Use Binance.



Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

One of the most popular Hardware Cryptocurrency wallets is that of

Ledger Nano S. The Ledger hardware wallet provides a secure offline solution for cryptocurrency traders to store their digital data. 

Commonly knowns private keys the Ledger hardware wallet gives users a multi cryptocurrency offline storage solution. Because of essential, these hardware wallets are similar to that of a USB key, it provides security by hosting the private keys offline making them difficult for hackers to access your cryptocurrencies.

It hosts some of the more common crypto coins but also some fewer know Altcoins Bitcoin Gold, Ark, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Digibyte, Dash Dogecoin and Ether.

Watch A Video Guide On How To Use The Ledger Nano S 


Digital Crypto Currency Wallet 

The Exodus Wallet is desktop cryptocurrency storage solution. It can be used with Mac and PC which has compatibility with a popular cryptocurrency exchange called Shapeshit. Which gives the user the ability to trade cryptocurrency with in the Exodus Wallet.  This feature alone makes the Exodus wallet a very popular choice with beginner crypto traders.

The interface is very intuitive making it very easy to understand and use for anyone that's starting out with investing in cryptocurrencies. The Exodus Wallet is one of the most popular lite wallets, even with a number of crypto storage assets, it doesn't require your system to download the complete blockchain.

While the Exodus Wallet is free to download and a very secure piece of software, please note that it does take between 1-3% fee with the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Click Here To Watch Walk Through Video On The Exodus Wallet.


Cryptocurrency Browser

The Brave Browser is just like most web browsers, it allows you to surf the web, find videos, websites and allows you to download content from the web. But with a few difference with it's set up compared to that of Google Chrome. It was set up by the same creators as that of Mozilla, basing their software on open source code similar to that of Google Chrome.

Brave has in built ad blocking technology to stop intrusive ads. It also integrates with the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token {BAT} to pay users for their attention for displaying less intrusive ads.

Brave keeps 15% of the less intrusive ads, giving content publishers 55% per cent which is good for bloggers and vloggers, last but not lease even users of the Brave browser will receive 15% off the revenue. It also gives users the option to donate BAT to content creators or sites they love.

One of the striking features of the Brave Browsers is that it removes a ton of tracking pixels which cause websites to load slower. This gives you a much faster experience when visiting websites online


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